Sexy Cassie Haircuts: Cassie Shaved Head Pictures

Rihanna Cassie Haircuts
Rihanna Cassie Haircuts

Are you looking for Sexy & Best Cassie Haircuts? We have many ideas for Cassie Shaved Head styles for Black Women

Cassie hairstyle is very popular among black women. Now a sheer number of looks are available for black hairstyle which has added to the popularity of black hair style. In case of traditional black hairstyle relaxing and perming is used for achieving soft and smooth texture which is still quite popular with black women even though there is a chance of damage as a result of chemicals and over processing. Here experts advise that perm should come before the color is applied several days later.

There are also other popular black hair style such as braids, twists, weaves, dreads and cornrows which are the epitome of cultural styles and natural black hair textures which come with the convenience of being maintained easily. Till the time you know how to keep your hair beautiful it is not difficult for one to achieve a black hair style.

Here are some black hairstyle tips for Cassie Shaved Head:

In the case you have short hair use a rattail comb for making comb twist which should be placed on the scalp and twisted downward using the teeth of the comb. In case one would like to keep the hair thin then small parts should be used.

Best Cassie hairstyles:

One could use palm rolls techniques but in this case three inch long hair are required and application of a styling product can result in strands of hair being placed between hands and rubbed back and forth so that a spiral type loc can be formed.

Another black hairstyle is finger twisting an for making these type of locks one needs to have half inch long hair and with a little bit of loc styling product and twirling of hair one can create a coil and if needed one can use bobby pins for securing locs to the head. To avoid the styling getting fuzzy one needs ro place scarf on your head overnight.

Cassie hairstyles for African American Women:

If one is looking for two strand hair then one requires hair which are two inch long and requires application of styling product on the sectioned hair which leads to creation of double strand and the result achieved will be hair in form of a rope.

Keep one thing in mind that whatever hairstyle you opt for black hair tend to break pretty soon since they cannot maintain moisture therefore one should choose that hairstyle which brings down the stress level of the hair and maintains the lowest level of heat while blow drying and lesser, picking, combing and brushing yields better results.

While choosing the cut of your hairstyle one needs to take into consideration various styles that one can choose from, which style would match your lifestyle, which hairstyle would choose your hair type and finally choose a hairstyle which appeals to your heart. While choosing the cut of your hairstyle do give consideration to your personal taste. For an oval shaped face since it is considered to be the most suitable face for any hairstyle and one can choose any cut of hairstyle for it. For people having a round face they should choose that hairstyle cut which creates an illusion of a bigger face.

Cassie hairstyles for Blacks:

People having a diamond face can choose that particular cut of hairstyle which can help in achieving an illusion of an oval face. People having a square face should choose that particular cut of hairstyle which tends to elongate the height of the face. People having rectangular face tend to have a square chin and hairline and the motive of the hairstylist must be to choose that particular cut which creates width at the sides for disguising its narrowness. People having a pear shaped face tend to have a narrow forehead which is wide towards the jaw line with a round chine and therefore people should choose that cut of hair style which offers an illusion of an oval face by creation of width at the forehead and the temples.

Cassie hairstyles for Black Women

Is still you cannot decide the safest bet would be to go for long hairstyle cut since it imparts a beautiful look to you but in case you don’t have long hair you can even opt for hair extension just like Jessica Simpson. People with short hair don’t need to feel sad since they too can choose a hairstyle cut which would match their overall personality and make them look as beautiful as people having longer hair. The best option would be take advice from your hair stylist who will be able to guide with regards to the cut of hair style which would suit you best.

You can even check out the hairstyle cuts of celebrities around and in case it appeals to you can follow that trend since celebrities are known to set a trend which millions of people go ahead and tend to follow. At the end of the day choose that cut which matches your personality and gels with your heart.

Whenever I want to try out a new hairstyle I peruse through various hairstyle magazines to know the latest trends moving in the market. A hairstyle magazine contains pictures and description of latest hairstyle trends from across the globe. If you would like to get hair magazine style then get hold of some of the best international hairstyle magazine to get inspiration from some bright ideas in them. In the hairstyle magazine you also come across celebrities’ hairstyle which you can follow if you feel like since these stars are generally the trend setters. Always opt for some reputed hairstyle magazine publication. When you opt for some latest hairstyle magazine you get access to some latest trends and secrets of the hairstyle industry. Subscribe to these magazines so that you can opt for the latest styles before anybody else does.

One of the most popular hairstyle magazines among the experts is American Salon which offers trade trends, secrets and techniques being implemented by some of the top of the line beauty professionals. Another hairstyle magazine on the list is celebrity hairstyle which brings out the style worn by Hollywood celebrities. Here you get access to the latest celebrity hairstyles couple with colored photographs of the styles.

Another hairstyle magazine on the list is Short Hair Styles which has some of the latest cutting styles coupled with colored photographs. One can find short hairstyle to match every personality. One can even opt for Hype Hair which is a leading black hair magazine featuring innovative hairstyles, contests and interviews. Another magazine similar to American Salon is Modern Salon which has the latest trends and interviews from top professionals and covers. Also there are a number of other women’s magazines which offer good hair care advice. Some of these magazines are Glamour, Vogue and First which offer in depth hair care advice and articles from some of the top names in the industry. These magazines are one of the best ways to keep up with the current trends prevailing in the market. One can tend to learn a lot from these magazines and a number of them are available at discounted prices which makes them a good bargain.

Women having long hair can truly experiment with braid hairstyle since it offers a complete refreshing look to your whole personality. There are a lot of braid hairstyles to choose from besides the normal English styles. Braid hairstyle can be carried by women across all age groups and even women having chin length hair can pull them off completely. With braid hairstyle you can keep your hair absolutely neat and off your face even in hot and humid conditions. Women indulging in sports can be seen carrying this hairstyle. You might have seen tennis stars wearing braid hairstyle. It requires a lot of time and patience to get a braid hairstyle but can last for a number of days if proper care is undertaken. It generally takes two to three hours to get a braid hairstyle and it can be worn and washed even while swimming.

Also you will be able to learn braid hairstyle in a matter of time though it might seem a difficult style at first. In case of braid hairstyle you can go for variations such as tendrils and bangs in the front. One can use braids in chignons, buns and left loose. One can even try overhand braiding and underhand braiding for achieving a different look each time. In formal events one can spot ladies sporting braid hairstyle coupled with jewels and flowers. One can try various hairstyles with beads or pearls for achieving a thicker effect.

African women have been wearing micro braids and it has been a part of their cultural expression. In today’s world black braid hairstyle is a rage among African American women and one should opt the services of a hair expert in order to achieve micro braid style painlessly and without any breakage. A number of women follow black hairstyle braids since they are easy to maintain and ensure fast hair growth. Women having dry and brittle hair should not opt for braid hairstyle since it can cause their hair to break. In order to maintain this hairstyle proper conditioning and shampooing is required. One should also follow a healthy diet and massage them properly in order to carry forward this hairstyle. One can even add a ribbon or yarn or even splash a color into the braid to enhance its look. One can even cover braids with hair jewels or fresh floral buds for the formal occasions.

If you are from the younger generation then punk hairstyle is for you. Since this is a trendy hairstyle therefore it is not meant for everybody. If you want to carry hair punk style then you need to be liberal enough to carry this hairstyle. In case of punk hairstyle the wilder the hairstyle the better it is. Punk hairstyle signifies wild personalities and signifies the wild and reckless part of a person’s personality. This hairstyle is generally voluminous and can be seen in different colors. You can find a variety of punk hairstyles and one of the best place to take inspiration for punk hairstyle is MTV where one can catch this style in concerts, music videos and other shows. The best thing about punk hairstyle is that it goes along with any face shape and one should use various hair products along with it to get the right look which ranges from offering volume, flattening or super hold. Punk hairstyle has minimal hair colors or combinations and these colors are generally bright, vibrant and fast. Generally neon shades work well in case of punk hairstyle. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can create a lot of impact. In case of punk it has a long shaggy look on the top with buzz cut on the lower half of the head whereas other popular punk hairstyle is asymmetrical, irregular cut which has long hair on one side and short hair on the other.

Cassie Shaved Head Pictures/ Photos

Another imposing punk hairstyle is Mohawk hairstyle which has vertical hair from the top of the head to the back in the center. Here the hair is shaved from the sides with vertical hair in the middle. One more popular punk style is fly away look where the hair are not at all styled instead they are left open. For making your hair punk style various accessories such as loops, spikes, braids and parts are generally used. With these accessories the hair becomes better and fantastic too. One can even create punk style with their own imagination and creation.

In case of punk hairstyle one needs to consider its weirdness and multiple colors. Punk is associated with wild colors, cuts and funky hairstyles. The real motive behind punk hairstyle is to get rebellious and shocking look.

Singer Rihanna and actress Katie Holmes have made the bob hairstyle the real fashionista hairstyle. They look like real divas with this hairstyle. A bob hairstyle can make you look glamorous and sophisticated. There are several types of bob cuts that can suit all face types.

Rihanna Cassie Haircuts Pics

Rihanna Cassie Haircuts
Rihanna Cassie Haircuts

A tomboyish bob gives a playful youthful appearance to the face. An angular bob will add shape to your hair; wear it with bangs on the side for a real stylish look of the 1930’s. Get reputed and experienced hair stylists to do the bob cut just like Katie Holmes, bring along a picture to get the right one. Victoria Beckham has a bob that is extreme. It suits those who are club goers more.