Second Wedding Hairstyles for Older Brides

Second 2nd Wedding Hairstyle Tips for Older Women

It’s the dream of every women to look stunning on her wedding day. So while opting a wedding hairstyle keep in mind the facial features, hair type, dress and headpiece. One can get good ideas about wedding hairstyles by browsing latest bridal magazines.

The popular hairstyle among the 2nd brides is an up-do or an up-sweep that can be a French twist, elaborate braids, a bun and a low ponytail. The bride with short hair should try light curls or waves and the one with long hair can opt flowing curls. If one wish to wear the hair down then use a hair clip and pull part of hair back off your face. This idea goes well if she wears a long veil or a crown of flowers.

The popular hair color choice for any season weddings is burgundy as it is classy, regal and opulent. Burgundy suit most skin colors and hair color due to its depth. Keep the accessories and flowers in cream or gold color, as it will suit the hair color. If the wedding is in winter then make red your dominant color but don’t go with cherry red instead of that stick with deep reds that can be teamed with rich creams.

On that one special day of your life, you want perfect hair. There are many styles that you can transform your hair into on your bridal day that will stay in place all day and all night long without any concerns. The bride has an array of bridal hair dos the she can choose from. Whether she wants her hair down, up or in between, there is a perfect bridal hair do just for her. The best part is that you do not necessarily have to go to the salon the day of your wedding. You can have the stylist come to you!

Here are a few bridal hair suggestions and descriptions:

If you have short hair, have no fear. There are plenty of bridal dos for you! There are faux updos for those of you who want an updo but do not want extensions. Tiny knots are made from the neck upwards and then at the top of the head, the hair is flared out. This can be dressed up a bit more with the use of gems or flowers.

For those of you with longer hair, the styles are limitless. The all time classic bridal hairdo is the updo with satin curls or waves that shape the face. The other is a classic French twist which is always in style. The last style which many brides love is to let their hair down, mainly in soft curls almost like Kate Winslet in Titanic. The bridal hair is shiny, with a bit of bounce. It creates a classic and beautifully romantic look for the bride.

In addition to the hairstyle, you can add tiaras, veils, a Juliet cap or a circular headpiece with the updo in the center. You can use a variety of hairdos and place the headpiece on too. Tiaras are great for brides who want to wear their hair half up and half down, for instance.

Brides are going to be looking spectacular in 2018 and its not because of their dresses but actually for their haircuts. The latest hair trends for 2018 are a revival of classic bridal looks. Such looks include the top knot, the Edwardian and the classic French twist. Below are a few pointers on how to get that bridal beauty of a look!

The Top Knot

Start by parting your hair from one side to another until you reach right above the ears. Then brush your hair that is above the part towards the back and twist your hair into a bun. You can add a hair chopstick to secure the bun.

  • The Edwardian

Starting at the ear, twist a chunk of hair towards the back of your head and fasten the twist with a clip. Continue this process all the way until you reach the other ear. You can then pull all of your hair together and hold it with a fancy hair stick or barrette.

french twist

  • The Classic French Twist

Split your hair up into three sections and pull your hair into a ponytail and fasten with a holder. Take your hair and twist it to the left (it can also be twisted to the right, but then you have to reverse all of the directions). Then lift your ponytail carefully to the right and continue to twist your hair while creating a roll with your hair. Once this roll is complete your can fasten it with jeweled, Japanese hair sticks.

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