Latest Justin Bieber Haircuts – Justin Bieber Hairstyles for Men

justin bieber Hairstyles
justin bieber Hairstyles

Justin Bieber Haircuts is very famous in young guys. Justin Bieber changes his hairstyles after a certain period. But the interesting thing is that, his all haircuts get so much popularity as his pop teen songs get. We will show you many Justin Bieber Haircuts Pictures that fascinate you and inspire you to make Justin Bieber Haircuts. JB also used different hair products which is famous because of Justin Bieber fame and his fans disperately want to buy these products. He generally used gel and wax product for his styling.

justin bieber Hairstyles

justin bieber haircuts

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Justin Bieber Hairstyle Back View

Justin Bieber spiked hairstyle

justin bieber hairstyle back view

justin bieber short hair

The pictures of JB from backsides also look cooler than from the front view. Usually he shaved from the back but some time he makes ponytail or long hairs from the back to look hot.

justin bieber hairstyles for men

Justin Bieber New Hairstyle Photos 2016

You can see many Pictures of Justin Bieber 2016 here which is too old. Yes old is gold, some old photos are more attractive for fans point of view. However you can see Justin Bieber’s all old and new photos here. The years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and onward, we will share all pics of Bieber’s haircuts only for the real fans of JB.


jb hairstyles

Justin Bieber was born in Canada in 1994. He is considered the youngest pop singer. His mother Patricia is a Canadian film producer. Justin is also very famous because of his stylish hairs.

What are the Names of Justin Bieber Hairstyles?

Justin Bieber makes many styles which sometime difficult to give name. But some names of Bieber haircuts are Slicked Black, Mussed haircut (actually it is like a rough style), Front Side Swoop, Hat Free Blond (this is like a curl from bottom), Slick Style, Spiked Front, Casually Comb back-style and Side Swept Hairstyle. Moreover in many occasions he appears with short hairs or in few times he comes with long hairs or ponytail style. He also shaved his hairs in his some live concerts.

justin bieber Stylist

What Hair Gel Does Justin Bieber Used?

Hair Products

Justin Bieber usually used wax, gel and sometime also use bleach powder to make some diversity in his hair color. You can make JB short straight hairstyle easily by spice hair cutting.

justin bieber hair gel
justin bieber hair gel

Justin Bieber Hair Gel

JB used Original Sprout Natural Hair Gel, his most of his haircuts made by using hair gel. He used different gels and hair sprays in different years. Here is the list of years when JB used gels and wax on that particular year.

2016: Sprout Natural Hair Gel

2015: Sebastian Liquid Steel

2014: Boogie’s Hair Gel

2013: Axe Matte Gel

2012: American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel

2011: Philip B Oud Royal Gravity-Defying Gel

justin bieber hair product

Justin Bieber Real Hairs

justin bieber real hairs

justin bieber real hairstyle

Justin Bieber made different styles but his fans which have both men and women desperately want to know which his original hairstyle. The reason is that his fans are confused which is his real getup or fake. We have some leaked Biebers photos to reveal JB real hairstyle. In other words you can also get idea how Justin lives in his normal life which fans does not even know.

justin bieber hairs


Justin Bieber Hair Stylist Name

The name of Justin Bieber stylist is Vanessa Price. She worked very hard on Bieber make-up. When media interview stylist Vanessa Price that how much time you take on Bieber’s make-up? She replied that Justin is naturally beautiful. I don’t hard work on his face. He is blessed with natural God gifted beauty. His hairs are also very silky and thin. He can make any style which he wants in very less time.

justin bieber Stylist

Justin Bieber Hair Saloon

Bieber goes on Vanessa Price’s saloon because she is her personal stylist or designer too. She had previously worked with many Hollywood celebrities.

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Does Justin Bieber have thin hairs?

justin bieber new hairstyle

People who asks about Justin hairs types, so the answer is: Justin Bieber whose nick name is JB have thin straight hairs that is the huge reason of his wonderful hair styles and makes him popular among youngsters.

justin bieber long hairstyles


justin bieber hairstyle from back side

justin bieber short hairs