Hairstyles for Mother of the Bride Over 50 & 60

Even though the bride is going to be the center of attention, mother of the bride need great hairstyles too; nothing too flashy to take away the attention of the bride, but a nice do for the perfect day. Here are some great hairstyles for bride’s mom with long, medium and short hair.

Bride’s Mother Hairstyles

  • Long Hair

With Brides mother with longer hair, a popular and simple hairstyle is a bun which is located above the neck but below the crown of the head. This can be altered with a bit of flowing hair coming from the bun. You can also have jewels or decorative clips to enhance the look.

  • Medium Hair

This classic look is similar to the long hairstyles. The bun will be a bit smaller with strands of hair flowing from it. These strands can be straightened or curled with strands in the front of the face to shape it. To augment this look, you can add tiny gem accessories.

  • Short Hair

For that bride’s mom who has short hair, you can part the hair and have it pinned behind the ears with small clips. You can also layer the hair for more volume.

These are simple hairstyles that will make the groom and bride’s mothers look great, but will make the bride glow in comparison.

Summer Wedding Hairstyles of Bridal Mother

Unlike bride in the 20th century who could wear anything and hairstyle never matters to her, the bride of 2017-18 needs a lot of time to decide which hairstyle is right for her wedding day so that she could feel her guests knock out at the wedding. And not only her style but her mother haircut should also be unique and fabulous. Previously short hair cuts for mother of the brides & grooms were not considered very popular, but now brides & groom’s mothers always want to go for something different. Now you just need to imagine yourself in some hairdo and the hairstylists have so such skills that they can make it possible. They can simply change your mother look with the help of dyes and extensions.

Usually, a bride is looking for decency and elegancy which could display her radiance and natural beauty. Some are looking for simple and convenient in wedding hairstyle so that they cold easily cope with hours of photo session, reception etc.

The most popular wedding hairstyle in 2018 is empress wedding hairstyle. In this hairstyle, tight curls are given to the hair and it suits with any hair color. It gives the look of the Roman empress or Greek goddess. A bride & groom’s moms will definitely feel confident with this hairstyle as she will know very well that she will be looking outstanding. Mothers of Bride and groom should look like a queen and if she is wearing tiara with good hairstyle, its enough to grab everyone’s attention same like her daughter who is looking princess.

Your wedding is coming close and you are wondering which bridal’s mother hairstyle would make your mom look beautiful on the final day of your wedding.

The bridal mother also needs to consider the shape of the face and body shape adjustments so that the height and width of your hair can be added or minimized for suiting your profile. In case you are blessed with height and are slim then its better that you keep away from high tight up styles which would add more length to your profile and one can even opt for curls since they are soft in texture because of their round shape. In case one is wearing a gown which is plain and simple one should go for a detailed bridal hairstyle which creates an interesting overall appearance. Also consider the length of your neck and size of your hair while deciding upon the height if your hairline. Done be a victim of fashion excesses and it is generally safer to choose from twists, pleats, buns and curls which impart a soft and romantic look to your hair..

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