How to do Hair Straightening at Home with Hair Straightener? Easy Steps:

How to use a hair straightener Youtube Easy Tutorial & some easy steps to use straightener without damaging your hairs are given below:

You’re looking in the mirror and decide that it’s time for a change. You have been wearing the same hairstyle for years, and need something new and exciting. I know what you’re thinking, you have to call your stylist to book an appointment and hope that they have an opening soon, but you don’t have to that. You can get a new look just by using your hair straightener. How to use hair straightener is simple. Provided below are step by step instructions on how to use a hair straightener to create those sleek locks, curls, or flips that you desire. In addition you can click here to read hair straightener reviews.

The first step is to shampoo and condition your hair the day you style your hair or the day before you style your hair. After washing your hair, comb though your hair with a wide tooth comb. Before using the straightener, make sure your hair is completely dry. Unless you have a wet to dry hair straightener, never use heat on wet hair because this will cause frizz.

The next step is to divide hair small into sections. You can use hair clips, hair pins, or braids to separate your hair. Separating the hair into sections will prevent tangling. You will also see better results with smaller section since most hair straighteners are typically only one to two inches in width.

The third step is to apply heat protection spray on your hair. The intense heat produced from the hair straightener can cause mild to severe damage to your hair if you do not use heat protection spray. Heat protection is inexpensive and can be purchased at your local convenient store, grocery store, and can be purchased online.

The last and final thing that you need to know about using your hair straightener is how to create different styles
To create straight hair, grab a small section of hair and hold hair in between the two plates. Clamp plates together while gliding the straightener directly down the small section of hair.

If you want bouncy curls instead, first hold a section of hair between the two plates. Clamp plates together and rotate the hair straightener outwards while you glide the straightener through your hair. For wilder curls, use a wide tooth comb or work fingers through hair.

To create a slight curl at end of your stands, grab a section of hair and hold the hair in between the two plates. Slide the hair straightener down the section of hair in one fluid motion. When you reach the last inch of your hair, rotate your wrist up and out to flip your hair. If you’d rather create the flips that were popular in the 1970’s, slide the iron down the section of hair while rotating your wrist down and out.

Now that you know how to use a hair straightener, you can try out as many styles as you’d like. Hair straighteners are designed to create many hair styles for all hair types. How to use hair straightener is easy and doesn’t require a lot of time. Remember that the plates can get extremely hot so be careful and try not to burn yourself.

Hair Straighteners Tips for Men
Nowadays, men take much more care of their appearance and are starting to realize why hair straightners are so well-liked by women. Hair straighteners turned out to be the best way people style their hair and girls are infinitely thankful for that. Now, men also crave the benefits of having fabulously stylish hair, but for short hair you’ll have to find different irons for the task. In order to get the best results you need to find the right straightener.

The initial thing you have to know about the iron you’re about to purchase is the size. Yes, in cases like this size does matter! The plates for men’s hair straighteners are smaller and thinner than straighteners created for long haired women. They’re usually about one or two inches wide to generate styling short to medium length hair easier as the small plates allow users to obtain right down to the basis for that perfectly straightened look all over.

Just like any other professional iron for women, men’s straighteners have an adjustable heat control especially for those with an extra curly or thick hair who needs higher heat to get the job done. They also come with universal voltage so you can style anywhere you decide to go and swivel cords which avoid having the straightener knotted up while styling. You can always go for cordless hair straightners if you want to straighten your hair while moving from place to place or plan on carrying it around together with you. Note that a cordless straighteners are a bit more expensive than the regular ones.

Men’s hair straighteners are usually made out of ceramic plates because they are ideal for any sort of hair and can give a sleek look as well as a unique style in half the time, with half effort. Furthermore, they will protect healthy hair from heat damage and offer long lasting results. Who said straightening flowing hair was a girls thing? Anyone who cares about their appearance can purchase a straightener and make their hair look just as if they’ve come from the best salon in town.