40 Quick & Easy Party Hairstyles for Long Hair That Impress Your Crush

Easy Party Hairstyles For Long Hair
Easy Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

Do you want to look pretty in any party? We have 40+ Quick and Easy Party Hairstyles for Long Hair That Impress Your Crush.

Dressing yourself to prom need not be expensive. As long as you have the perfect dress, the right make-up to go with it and the perfect “do”, everything would still look all set and ready for the prom. For instance, check on the video below this post for some easy do-it-yourself prom hairstyles for long hair.

The video teaches you four simple ways to make your long hair look made up while still keeping it slightly loose and framed around the face. Additional style tips, tricks and suggestions are also shared below.

Watch the Video Tutorial: Easy Party Hairstyles for Long Hair Step by Step

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Easy Party Hairstyles for Long Hair

Easy Christmas Hairstyles

Party Hairstyles for Long Hair at Home

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Christmas Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

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Christmas Party Hairstyle For Medium Hair

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Christmas Hairstyles For Long Hair


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Long, lustrous hair need not be confined in a tight bun. If you are the type, who wants to wear your hair down, the prom hairstyles for long hair video tutorial is a good day to start choosing best hairstyle to wear during prom night. The first do shows you the street-style version that can also be worn during special occasions.

Easy Party Hairstyles for Long Hair Step by Step

Christmas Hairstyle For Medium Hair

The second one is a modification of the street-style version with loose hair curled using a curling iron. The third one shows loose hair tied with a clear elastic band on a side ponytail. Finally, the last one is similar to the third, only the hair is in a loose ponytail tied at the back of the head.

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If you choose to wear your hair down but a portion pinned back, try using jeweled hair clips or barrettes, plain rubber band hidden behind a flower hairpiece, feathers or headband. Guys usually prefer prom hairstyles for long hair with the hair worn down than an overly made hairdo.

Christmas Hairstyle For Long Hair

Attaching a vintage pin to a hair clip is one way of achieving an overall classic look. Meanwhile, pinning fresh flowers can add sweetness and charm to your look. The suggested prom hairstyles for long hair gives you many options so you do not have to spend more to complete the look.

Simple New Years Eve Hairstyles

Curling your hair can add a soft touch to your look. A good curling iron is the key to achieving the perfect curls. Wide barreled curling irons with one-inch diameter or wider is perfect for the following prom hairstyles for long hair. To achieve sexy messy curls, try using a heat activated volumizing mousse such as Nexxus Thermal Volume.

New Years Eve Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

To help retain your curls all night long, try Warren Tricomi Hot Set Spray. It also helps protect hair from too much heat. In addition, the latter also prevents hair from being weighed down due to high humidity.

Evening Party Hairstyle For Long Hair

New Years Eve Hairstyle For Long Hair


If you have noticed, all hairstyles show a side swept bangs that frames or partly covers the face. This is especially great if you want to add mystery to your look. Keeping face-framing bangs can also help soften a sharp cheekbone. It makes you more approachable to guys and gives you a carefree look.

New Years Eve Hairstyles For Long Hair

Depending on your hair type, you can use a straightening iron or a hair blower to set your bangs. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, use a straightening iron to set your bangs neatly on one side. On the other hand, if you straight, limp hair try blow-drying your bangs to add a little volume.

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Modern Easy Curly Party Eve Hairstyles

Curly New Years Eve Hairstyles

Teasing your hair can be quite tricky. Make sure your hair is dry and thoroughly combed before beginning teasing. Curly or wavy hairs are better straightened with an iron prior to teasing. Let the hair cool down before starting. Fine and silky hair may not hold teasing. Spritz on hairspray to each section after teasing. For best results, use a paddle brush. Gathering bigger sections of hair (2 inches or more) to be teased creates a loose effect while teasing smaller sections of hair creates a tighter volume.