5 Easiest ways to Get Wavy Hairs Without Heat in an Hour

First of all wash your hairs with hot water with shampoo. Then brush your hairs and dry them properly. You can use towel to make it easy for you.

Wash Your Hairs with Shampoo:

Best ways to Get Wavy Hair Without Heat in an Hour

Divide Your Hairs into two Sections:

5 Easiest ways to Get Wavy Hair Without Heat in an Hour

Then divide your hairs into two parts and make them tight.

Make the twists buns:

how to get wavy hairs in one hour

How to Curl Your Hair in an hour

Bend your hairs at least for 5 to 6 hours. Its better if do this before night sleep.

5 Easiest ways to Get Wavy Hair Without Heat

Then in the morning open your hairs you will feel little bit curl in your hairs.

How to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

How to get Wavy Hairs overnight with wet hair

Another effortless way to bring waves in your hairs is below:

Take a shower before sleep. Then dry your hairs with drier and then make them into three or four braids. Spray the curl cream in your hairs.  Then tight your hairs and go to your bed. In the morning time opens the braids; you feel little curl in your hairs.


One trouble-free method is rolling. Dry your hairs with a towel. After then you can use a comb to make them straight. Then use little bit conditioner or any lotion which you use in daily routine. Then roll your hairs and twist with a roller. After one hour you can see waves come in your hairs. This is very effective way to bring curl in your hairs.


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